To change the market placement of the luxury hair boutique Merci à Vous.


Merci à Vous is a luxury hair boutique placed in the fashion heart of Milan. When creating the brand image, we focused on the sophisticated elegance of the salon, designing a logo in a handwritten font in which is encompassed by the signature of Mayra Cassano, founder of Merci à Vous. We then developed the brand image in all of the complementary materials like paper letters, business cards, envelopes, gift cards, and commercial brochures. The website was created focusing on the story and the values of the hair boutique, producing both video and photo contents and implementing the blog section with news related to the market. For the Instagram and Facebook pages, we created various patterns around the brand image, developing and producing different kinds of content to increase the appeal of the salon. For its inauguration, we took care of all the event’s details: we recreated a magical garden in which eight portraits of women emerged between the plants, linking to the different aspects of being a woman. At Christmas, we organized a fundraiser inside the hair boutique, in connection with Dr. Sorriso. All the activies were supported by a strong press office work.