MINICONF – Pitti Bimbo 2019


To design and manage the fashion stands of Sarabanda and iDO kidswear for Miniconf at Pitti Bimbo 96 in Florence.


Our production team was there for 3 days of set up and 4 days of events to produce 2 stands, managing 30 workers.

We designed and managed the Sarabanda stand at Pitti Bimbo 96 inspired by the arches of the location and Casentino countryside, where the brand was born. Beside the rounded platform used to show the fashion collection, a wooded corner was created with green plants and white flowers. We took care of the design, the cocktail party, the all-italian dinner – the catering concept was to emphasize the importance of Made in Italy – and the musical entertainment with our dj talent.

For the iDo stand the inspiration came from the imposing urban skylines, created through graphics and structures. For the miniDo collection the inspiration was declined in a softer way, using houses aesthetics instead of the skyscrapers one.