To give a second life to the an historical house.


Palazzo Castro Grimaldi is placed in Modica and its our second headquarter. It’s a historical house of the XVII century in which all the furniture has remained the same since 1903, the date in which the house was restored. In creating the brand image, we focused on its history, developing the logo with the arms of the family who lived here, using it to create all the needed materials like paper letters, commercial brochures, posters and implementing it with the patterns of Palazzo’s floors. On the Facebook and Instagram pages, we focused on the territory, giving voice to its beauty and to the history of the ones who lived in Palazzo Castro Grimaldi, showing its wonderful rooms and terraces. Used as a location for private and cultural events, a lot has been made inside its rooms: we organized charity events, cultural activities, food and wine tastings. The website enhance its appeal, giving life – through photo and written contents, to all its beauty.